Unimog Series 425: U 1300, U 1500, U 1500 T

The Unimog Series 425, comprising of models U 1300, U 1500, and U 1500 T, was first introduced in 1975 and remained in production until 1993. These vehicles were designed to handle the most challenging terrain and were used for various purposes, including military, municipal, and forestry work.


The Unimog Series 425 featured a sturdy ladder frame and a flexible chassis that allowed the vehicle to navigate rough terrain with ease. Its high ground clearance, excellent axle articulation, and portal axles made it possible to traverse uneven surfaces while maintaining traction. The Unimog Series 425 was powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, which provided ample torque and horsepower. The U 1300 model had a payload capacity of 3.5 tons, while the U 1500 and U 1500 T models had a payload capacity of 4.25 tons.

Production and Models

The Unimog Series 425 was produced from 1975 to 1993, during which time approximately 30,000 units were manufactured. The series comprised of three different models:

  • U 1300 – 4×4
  • U 1500 – 4×4
  • U 1500 T – 6×6

Competitive Advantages

The Unimog Series 425 had several competitive advantages over other vehicles in its class. Its portal axles, high ground clearance, and flexible chassis allowed it to navigate challenging terrain with ease. The Unimog’s versatility and ability to adapt to different tasks made it a favorite among military and municipal organizations.

Improvements from Previous Models

The Unimog Series 425 represented a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Unimog Series 404. The new series featured a more powerful engine, improved axles, and a more robust chassis. Additionally, the Unimog Series 425 had a more comfortable cab and improved visibility, making it easier for the driver to navigate difficult terrain.

Usage and Countries Sold

The Unimog Series 425 was primarily used for military and municipal work, including troop transport, ambulance services, and snow removal. These vehicles were sold in several countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

Overall, the Unimog Series 425 was a versatile and reliable vehicle that could handle the toughest tasks. Its exceptional off-road capabilities, payload capacity, and durability made it a popular choice for military and municipal organizations around the world.