Unimog Series 402

The Unimog Series 402 is a range of trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1953 and 1956. It was designed as a successor to the previous Unimog Series 401, with improvements in power and capabilities for off-road use.


The Unimog Series 402 had a number of characteristics that set it apart from other trucks of its time:

  • Engine performance: The truck was equipped with a 40 horsepower, 2.2-liter diesel engine.
  • Dimensions: The truck had a length of 4.5 meters, a width of 1.8 meters, and a height of 2.3 meters.
  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the truck was 2.6 meters.
  • Models: The Series 402 included a number of different models, including the 402.0, 402.1, and 402.2.

Production and Sales

The Unimog Series 402 was produced between 1953 and 1956. During that time, approximately 6,000 units were manufactured and sold in various countries around the world, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Competitive Advantages

The Unimog Series 402 had a number of advantages over competing vehicles:

  • Off-road capabilities: The Series 402 was designed for off-road use and was capable of traversing rough terrain.
  • Versatility: The truck could be used for a variety of applications, including agriculture, forestry, and transportation.
  • Reliability: The Unimog brand was known for its reliability and durability.


The Unimog Series 402 represented an improvement over the previous Series 401 in a number of ways:

  • Increased power: The Series 402 had a more powerful engine than the Series 401, allowing it to handle heavier loads and rougher terrain.
  • Better suspension: The truck’s suspension system was improved to provide a smoother ride and better off-road capabilities.
  • Improved cabin: The cabin of the Series 402 was larger and more comfortable than that of the Series 401.


The Unimog Series 402 was used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Agriculture: The truck was used for plowing fields, harvesting crops, and transporting farm equipment.
  • Forestry: The Series 402 was used for hauling timber, clearing brush, and maintaining forest roads.
  • Transportation: The truck was used for transporting goods and materials over rough terrain.